Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Heysen Trail - Complete

Yesterday I finished the Heysen Trail at Parachilna Gorge - a journey of some 1,200km from Cape Jervis. 64 days of hiking over the past 2 years.

Finished - August 16 2008 - at the end of the Heysen Trail at Parachilna Gorge

It seems a long time ago now, that fateful day when I started - April 30 2006. That morning was cold, I almost didn't bother getting up early.

It didn't go unnoticed today of my first End-to-End 2 weekend back in mid May 2006 when I hurt my knee on my first hike with that group. After six months or so of physio exercises, and lots of hike-bandaging and poles - well, let's just say I've come a long way since then.

It seems so surreal that I have finished the trail now, I can't imagine not doing it anymore. I might walk some days on the trail again with people, it may not be so easily done to untangle oneself from the trail. However I probably won't blog them here.

There may still some unfinished business looming with the Heysen Trail next year though, I'll get back to you on that one later. Secret squirrel.

In the meantime, plenty of hiking awaits elsewhere though, with plans to hike some three weeks in Tassie at the end of the year, not to mention plenty of other hiking around Australia. Keep a watch-out on my Training Camp blog - Also, got some plans coming to fruition soon to get back on the Mawson Trail - Next year watch out for a new blog, some travel plans might come to fruition - visit early next year for the web address.

Sunday afternoon, we've already driven home (we left at 6am) and I'm sitting in the lounge room of my house watching the warm sunset colours in the garden. Surely I'm meant to be outside to experience this?


Anonymous said...

Nice work J.

Great photos ... makes me glad we've got one of the Flinders on our wall ... And makes me wanna get back there.

Your rather pensive mood suggests you enjoyed yourself, though wish it hadn't ended quite yet!

Kate Bom

tim vb said...

Some pretty good work in there. I miss being outside for sunrise/sunset. The best time of the day, and what am I doing? Blearily shaving while struggling to see myself through the fog on the mirror, then sitting in an office, hoping to go home. It ain't no life, I tell you.

Can't wait to go adventuring again.

Anonymous said...


Stumbled accross your Blog today. Enjoyed reading about your trails and also the photos and hike details. Planning my own assualt on a Bunyeroo-Wilpena-Bunyeroo day hike in June...

Great work cheers!