Saturday, June 09, 2007

Colouring-in Between the Lines

Bowman Park to Beetaloo
Northern Guidebook, Maps 2.1-2.3

Russell joined us for the first time today. He was late, let the record show. Yes Russell, it does indeed take more than two hours to drive from Adelaide to Laura. But to be fair, he has only been here in Adelaide for a couple of months, having moved down from Brisbane. I've got one word for you Russell - Anyway, looking rather relieved, he did eventually find us at Bowman Park, near Crystal Brook, at the start of today's walk. Hilary took him under her wing, carefully instructing and guiding him over the weekend in the art of correctly colouring in your guidebook - the record of your achievements along the Heysen Trail. Hilary certainly is the master of this, carefully packaging her guidebook in plastic, so those rains we had on Monday's walk didn't smudge and wash away all that hard work. It is a fine art, one must select the appropriate colours, not just any old highlighter will do. One must also ensure that each subsequent day uses a different, and just as appropriate colour. Myself and Hilary were quite concerned one night, unable to recall the distance we had walked, which could have resulted in a rather a sleepless night, Leonie came to our rescue and was able to put our minds at rest by phoning around amongst the other hikers to find an accurate recording of the distance traveled. These important facts are all part of the colouring-in of one's guidebook. Whilst Leonie spent some time ridiculing us about our colouring-in, more than one of us have caught her out through her carelessness - there has been the odd finger stained with a mark from a highlighter. There seems to be no doubt that she is a closet colourer.

Today we finally entered the South Flinders Ranges. I think I have claimed that before, but this time it is true. We hiked alongside a creek, and once we had decided upon a nice spot to rest for a quick snack, we settled down. However Bev did not approve, and we were forced onwards to find a suitable spot with logs to sit on. Though, I shouldn't diss Bev (yet I just did), with several others she came to my rescue on Monday's hike. But more about that later.

Not many photos today.

  • Distance: 16km
  • Total time: I can't remember

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