Sunday, May 04, 2008

Party Bags

It was Carol's birthday, so come the morning break on this hike, out came some candles and vanilla slice - the birthday cake substitute (you can hardly carry a cake in your pack) - and party bags! Yep, Veronica brought party bags out for the occasion.

Melrose to Alligator Gorge Road (Saturday)
Alligator Gorge Road to Horrocks Pass (Sunday)

Northern Guidebook, Maps 3.1 to 3.5

Hilary piked out of this hike when End-to-End 2 came through, so she needed to catch up on this difficult hike (I did it with End-to-End 2 last August). So she gathered together some friends and somehow convinced me to join as a guide. A spectacular walk, so it wasn't a particularly difficult effort to convince me to join. Hilary's friends - of course - were hilarious. And somehow in the midst of all the hiking and laughter I think we might have convinced three or four of them to join in with the End-to-End 4 group that will start the Heysen Trail from Cape Jervis next year. I say convinced, but I think perhaps it was a case of them just catching the bug.

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  • Distance: 22.9km
  • Start time: 7.50am
  • End time: 3.10pm
  • Moving duration: 5h 22m
  • Stationary duration: 1h 57m
  • Moving average: 4.3km/h
  • Overall average: 3.1km/h
  • Max speed: 7.8km/h
  • Distance: 14.4km
  • Start time: 8.15am
  • End time: 11.55am
  • Moving duration: 2h 47m
  • Stationary duration: 45m
  • Moving average: 5.2km/h
  • Overall average: 4.1km/h
  • Max speed: 10.7km/h

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