Sunday, August 12, 2007

Spectacular Views

Alligator Gorge Road to Horrocks Pass
Northern Guidebook, Maps 3.3-3.5

Spectacular views from the top of the unofficially named Lavender Peak. Named in honour of Terry Lavender, architect of the Heysen Trail. The Friends of the Heysen Trail applied to the Geographic Board to have it named so, but apparently current practice is not to name features after people. There was a cairn there, so people added some rocks.

Some bush-bashing out, we headed down the steep hill to Stony Creek Camp. From here, the spectacular finished, we exited Mt Remarkable National Park. My knee was quite sore, so I was glad of the flat terrain.

We hiked along a fire track beside a pleasant creek, then followed a bitumen road and some other road reserves. Near our lunch stop we could see Horrock's Pass in the distance.

The last 4km was following the bitumen road through Horrocks Pass. Not very interesting, walking on bitumen roads, but apparently the last bitumen road walking. Cant overstate how good that would be!

  • Distance: 14km
  • Hike time: 10am (??) to 2pm
  • Clear, but cool, 15 degrees maybe

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your Blog,it is the best one I have found. We have been walking the trail for 6 years,originally three of us for the first 500 ks now down to 2 and about to tackle Mt Brown. It looks like a great area!
Thanks again.
David M