Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Beyond the Heysen to Mt Hopeless

We've now completed our journey from Cape Jervis to Parachilna via the Heysen Trail, and the traverse of the Flinders Ranges from Crystal Brook to Mt Hopeless. You might think nothing more could lie in store on this Heysen theme, but there might just be an idea growing. No, we are certainly not continuing northwards from Mt Hopeless across those plains and deserts.

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Graham, Nick, myself (Jeremy) and Simon
at the summit of Mt Painter on our final day of hiking.


vicki said...

well done!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great read and photos - 'specially the normally 'blank' area between Patawarta and the Gammons. I waan climb Mt Hack now!

I can think of a couple of obvious 'extension' ideas. One south across Kangaroo Island (which after all is just the southern Mt lofties blocked by an inconvenient ditch of water). Another might be the north west spur of the flinders - Mt Deception (and doesnt that look juicy from the main road) onwards? Finally, and after working and camping in the area many years ago I can speak with a bit of authority) pioneering an eastern route through the beautiful, heavily wooded but almost totally ignored ranges in the Baratta-Hollowiliena area would be fascinating!


Larry Smith said...
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